We have a local food retail shop in the heart of the Hackney for 8 years and we were thinking why the rest of the UK can not reach our products. We work with local producers and environment friendly brands. That is why we were planning to create an online shopping for customers who cares the environment friendly products, zero emission, good brands for their health and world’s sustainability and yay here we go. Garage Whole Foods was created in 2021 out of a passion for amazing food and service by husband and wife.



As a local business, we support healthy/natural production and consumption to achieve a better sustainable life and heal together with our environment for more than 20 years.


We believe a healthy life can be achieved only with a healthy environment and planet. We bring together the right brands and communities to create healthy bridges for a healthier life and environment.



It’s our passion to heal people and our planet for a better future.



Our vision is to carry the natural and good life beyond our own local by bringing together the right brands, people, and communities. We build bridges to achieve a better life and world.

We care about sustainability because we care about our world, our future.

We work with trusted brands who has products ethically sourced, slave free, environment friendly, sustainable.

Because you are what you eat.