Odysea Greek Oak Tree Raw Honey – Limited Edition -250g


A robust raw honey with a deep caramel like flavour, harvested at the end of July from hives nesting in oak tree forests close to the foot of Mount Olympus.


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Deeply sweet with malty notes & a dark amber colour, our Oak Tree Raw honeydew honey is produced in Greece by artisan bee-keeper, Alexandros Gousiaris.

A monovarietal honey, harvested at the end of July after Alexandros has moved his hives to the oak tree forests near  the foot of Mount Olympus. The Greek oak trees the bees feed on give this honey its robust character & a deep, dark colour that resembles molasses. Oak tree honey has a complex taste and is less sweet compared to nectar honeys while it tends not to crystallise easily.

Made in small batches, the honey is cold extracted, unfiltered, unpasteurised and unprocessed, ensuring its nutritional properties are preserved. Due to its seasonality this exceptional honey is only produced in limited amounts. Each jar of Odysea Oak Tree Raw honey is individually numbered and marked with the year of harvest. Alexandros tenderly caters to the needs of his bees and this is reflected in the unique quality of his honey.

He says, “The bees are on the ground to help the rooted plants on their journeys. Plants ensure their perpetuation, and replenish feeding bees, so the cycle of pollination can continue. We always have and will continue to work with utter admiration of our bees and sweet honey for years to come”

Perfect for when you need something naturally sweet. Enjoy with greek traditional yoghurt, drizzled on top of manouri or simply spread on a warm slice of sourdough.

Greek Oak Tree Raw Honey is high in Maganese (0.89mg of manganese per 100g)

About the benefits of manganese:

  • Manganese can improve bone health in combination with other nutrients
  • Manganese has strong antioxidant properties
  • Manganese helps reduce inflammation
  • Manganese plays a role in blood sugar regulation

Ingredients  : 100% honey

Weight 250 g
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